Estate Agents to Achieve Significant Increases

The market for buying and letting properties has always been competitive never more so than in today’s climate. In times like these you need to exploit every form of cost effective marketing you can to gain an advantage over the competition and drive sales.

The graph below demonstrates the effect direct mail has had for one of our estate agent customers – Your Move Pereira. This particular estate agent is the best performing franchise in their group.

Your Move Pereira monitors and tracks all the marketing activity for their agency in SE5 and decided to include direct mail as part of the mix last year. So impressed were they with the response that they have made sure that direct mail is an integral part of their marketing activity in 2011.

Your Move Pereira is not the only estate agent that has benefited from direct mail and if you’re not using direct mail, you could be losing out to your competitors who are…

…. Because Direct Mail works!!!

All of the leading marketing experts and many leading companies are testimony to the fact that direct mail works! Here’s what Chris Cardell says about direct mail…

“You can’t beat it… its the second best thing to walking in and speaking to your customers directly, in their lounge, their kitchen, at their office desk…”
Chris Cardell , Cardell Media Ltd

Imagine… 4,000, 5,000, 10,000 salespeople out there working on your behalf, communicating with your customers exactly like your best salesperson does…

When it comes to direct marketing, sending direct mail in the form of a letter is the most effective type of direct mail…. Because Direct Mail works!!!

“Millions of pounds of marketing tests which track the type and style of sales message that people respond to in greatest quantity, have proven conclusively – customers respond toletters more than any other piece of paper… A good letter will have a response rate 10 times that of a brochure, flyer, postcard even a sample DVD or CD…”
Paul Gorman

But you don’t need to hear it from the experts, or to consider the Your Move Pereira example we have given you… you could consider all of the direct mail from big organisations that you receive and ask yourself… would they be doing it if it didn’t work!

Direct Mail is not the cheapest form of marketing and is certainly not the most cost effective way of marketing for many industries or markets, but for estate agents it can be very effective. As with all investments, you need to consider the return on your investment, and the reason why direct mail works for estate agents is because of that return on investment.

Take a moment to consider what Your Move Pereira’s achievement  in increased sales would mean to your business financially… how much is the average sale or letting worth to you and your business? And what would be a worthwhile investment to achieve such a return?

You can of course undertake a direct mailing campaign yourself, but there are a number of advantages in allowing specialists do it for you…

At the Direct Mail Service we have over 15 years worth of experience in enclosing and distributing letters, flyers, postcards and catalogues, and we also specialise in working directly with estate agents to give them the best in direct mail services. Here are 31 of our tips to get the best from direct mail.

Our experience means that we can provide:

  • A list of addresses for your target area
  • Postcode exclusivity – once we have agreed a target postcode area (e.g. SW1) with an estate agent it remains exclusive to them until they no longer require it.
  • The best postage rates and mailing discounts.
  • A quick service typically 3 days from order to dispatch using our automated enclosing equipment.
  • Expert advice and consultation.
  • A copywriting service – if finding the right words for your letter is holding you back – we can help with that too.
  • We also provide our clients a copywriting support service.

Free assessment

For a limited period we are offering a free assessment of a letter you have sent or are proposing to send. Simply send us a copy of your letter by clicking on the button below to upload it and we’ll have our copywriting team review it and give you some feedback or even re-draft it for your – for free*.

We are confident that our skills knowledge and experience will be of benefit to you. If you would like to speak to some of our existing estate agents and letting agent clients – they’d be more than happy to speak to you – Call Phil on on
0845 470 5520.

P.S. Direct Mail works and if you are not considering direct mail as part of your marketing mix, you could be loosing out to your competitors who do.

P.P.S. We offer postcode exclusivity to our clients. As such the number of available postcodes is continually reducing as we accept more and more clients, particularly in the London, Home Counties, South East, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh postcode areas.

Direct Mail Service – The Direct Mail Specialists

*£325 is the standard charge to produce a single page letter. A re-draft is available for free to new customers who contract us to undertake a mailing for them.