Specialist Text Setting

If your mailing requires multiple languages including English, we can help.

We can work in all European languages as well as Russian and Arabic.  We are able to build your mailing letter so that it can be totally changeable per person.  For example, paragraphs based on a donation amount, type of donation and frequency including complex tables or variable graphics. We are able to start with the blank sheet and incorporate all the logos and text to produce your final mailing piece.

Customer Web Programming

As well as programming for mailing solutions we can also extend this to the Web.

Sample applications we have built before include AGM and EGM online voting, surveys, capture programs and response capture systems.

Using the latest technology, we can build a solution that entwines your offline and online.

Email & Text Marketing

We’re proud to offer marketing on the move

Direct Mail Service are able to reach out to your customers via Email or SMS.

We can even set this up so the alert is sent in time for when you mailing lands, or use this as another channel to connect with your customers.

In today’s world, many people use smartphones that have an active email account set up on them.

Using our Email & SMS marketing service, you can reach out to them much easier.

Contact our friendly team, who will provide you with a bespoke quote.